Your Employment Lawyer in Los Angeles


If you’re looking for a Los Angeles employment lawyer, you’ll find the knowledgeable help you need with Orshansky & Yeremian LLP. Based in Encino, we serve clients throughout the Los Angeles area, and we specialize in laws concerning work issues. If you’ve been wrongfully terminated or discriminated against at work, we’re the ones to call!

At Orshansky & Yeremian LLP, we believe that our clients deserve nothing less than the most aggressive, solution-oriented representation. When you retain our services we get the ball rolling right away. We determine what needs to be done and take the actions necessary to get you the outcome you want. Our experience and expertise in employment law means that your case will always be in good hands. Issues we deal with in our cases include:

  • Minimum wage

  • Overtime

  • Meal periods/rest breaks

  • Pay periods/final wages

  • Reporting time/split pay

  • Tips & gratuities

  • Paychecks

  • Reimbursements

  • Discrimination

  • Wrongful termination

Most of the cases we handle are on a contingency basis. That means that you don’t pay us anything unless we recover compensation for you. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients, and both Anthony J. Orshansky and David H. Yeremian have received recognition as lawyers who provide superior representation.

When you need a Los Angeles employment lawyer, contact the professionals at Orshansky & Yeremian LLP. Our focused and personalized representation makes all the difference! Call today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Have a Claim?

Minimum Wage:

  • Are you being paid at least $8.00 an hour for every hour that you work?


  • Do you work more than 8 hours in a day?

  • More than 40 hours in a week?

Meal Periods:

  • Do you take an uninterrupted 30-minute meal break—every single day?

  • Does your employer require you to clock out for lunch but to continue working?

Rest Breaks:

  • Do you take two 10 minutes rest breaks—every single day?


  • Does your employer require you to purchase equipment?

  • Do you pay for your own uniforms?

  • Does your employer reimburse your for using your personal vehicle or personal cellular phone, or for other expenses?

Split Shifts:

  • Do you work more than one shift per day?

Reporting-Time Pay:

  • Does your employer ever send you home before the end of your scheduled shift?


  • Do you receive out-of-state checks or do you pay money to cash your check?

Discrimination/Wrongful Termination:

  • Has your employer discriminated against you because of your age, race, national origin, religion, sex, or sexual orientation?

  • Has your employer ever denied you medical leave?

  • Has your employer ever discriminated against you for taking maternity leave?

  • Has your employer breached a contract of employment?

We handle all types of litigation, with a focus on wage-and-hour cases, consumer credit and lending laws, discrimination and harassment, civil rights, and business disputes.